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    What are the interactions?
    This is made possible by the detection of tactile impacts (hands) or objects on a wall (balls, giant paintbrushes, etc.), but also by tracking the movements of several users simultaneously in a 3D environment.
    What are the minimum dimensions required?
    For a touch solution: 2.50m (length) x 1.00m (width) x 2.30m (height).
    For a solution with accessories: 2.50m (length) x 3.00m (width) x 2.30m (height).
    Is there a movable/mobile product?
    Yes, we offer several event solutions.
    Where can I get delivery?
    We deliver all over the world.
    What do I need to make the wall interactive?
    The sensor must be installed on a flat wall.
    Does the product work outdoors?
    Yes, we offer a waterproof LED model for outdoor use.
    Who can play?
    All ages from 4 upwards. It is also accessible to people with reduced mobility.
    What is the delivery time?
    From four weeks (depending on the product chosen and the place of delivery).
    Do we need to employ staff to manage the product?
    The product does not require any staff to use it. Simply boot up the PC and the solution is ready to use.
    Does the system need to be connected to the Internet?
    You only need to be connected to it to benefit from updates and remote support. If there is an Internet interruption, the experience will continue.
    Is the product guaranteed?
    Yes, we offer a 24-month parts warranty on all our products (excluding travel and labour).
    How many players can play simultaneously?
    We can accommodate 9 children on a 12m² wall and 6 adults on the same surface. More players can be accommodated with our multi products.
    What languages is the product available in?
    We support several languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.
    What happens if something breaks down or stops working?
    If your product needs repairing, our team can provide remote assistance 7 days a week.